Rural communities have been counted upon to feed, power, and build America. Our coverage will help you keep up with the latest economic trends shaping rural life and livelihoods. From jobs and workers to investment and development, we’ve got it covered.

The Daily Yonder’s coverage of rural economic issues, including workforce development and the future of work in rural America, is supported in part by Microsoft.

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Montana Wants to Be the Next Wine Country

The Big Sky State has a dedicated group of winemakers working with unique hybrid grapes resistant to the state’s harsh weather. But even with the science making progress, Montana still needs its lawmakers’ to give the nascent industry more support.

Everywhere Radio: Tim Lampkin

Whitney Kimball Coe, talks with Tim Lampkin, co-founder and CEO of Higher Purpose Co, an economic justice nonprofit that works with Black residents to build wealth across Mississippi by supporting Black ownership and financial, cultural, and political power.

The Unexpected, Radical Roots of ‘Redneck’

The term is known best as an insult for backwoods hillbillies, but in one chapter of Appalachian history “redneck” was also used to spread fear of communist militants and oppress organized mine workers.

How to Say ‘No’ to a Warehouse

New Jersey residents want to protect their community’s rural character from a million-square-foot warehouse. But the local democratic process turns out to be complicated and – for some – suspiciously lacking in transparency.


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