Like rural electrification before it, rural broadband is essential in today’s world. Efforts to ensure all rural communities have accessible, affordable high-speed internet date back many years and continue with urgency today.

Our coverage will help you keep up with the latest, whether it’s new policy proposals and funding programs, leadership from local co-ops, or emerging solutions pitched by the private sector. From fiber cables to weather balloons and satellites in space, our team is following the stories of what’s working to get rural America connected.

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Our friends at the Rural Assembly, in partnership with Consumer Reports, invite you to participate in a national campaign called “Let’s Broadband Together.” By uploading your internet bill, performing a quick speed-test, and completing a short survey, you can help researchers measure how well internet infrastructure is serving rural America and whether users are getting what they pay for from their internet-service providers.

The whole process only takes about seven minutes, and none of your personal information will be shared.

Editor’s Note: The Rural Assembly is a program of the nonprofit Center for Rural Strategies, which also publishes the Daily Yonder. Learn more.

Featured Contributor: Craig Settles

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