There’s a lot at stake for rural America during each election cycle. When election season heats up, stay tuned to the Daily Yonder for reporting and analysis on the role of rural voters and rural issues in the race, the results, and the road ahead.

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See the maps below for the latest results for U.S. House and Senate races. The data updates automatically as polls close and votes are tallied. Click or tap on a state for more detailed county-by-county or district-level results. (Source: Decision Desk HQ)

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Commentary: Enjoy with Caution

Winning an extra Senate seat in Georgia shouldn’t obscure the fact that the Democrats are still falling behind the GOP in rural America. It’s good to celebrate a win, but Dems need to make sure the brutal race doesn’t turn into a pyrrhic victory.

Commentary: The Dismantling of Rural Legal Aid 

Starting with President Reagan, decades of Republican-led efforts led to a gradual corrosion of civil legal aid services. Rural communities saw legal aid offices close and some rural residents lost the only legal help available to them.


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