Rural communities are counted on to help feed, clothe, house, and provide energy to a growing global population. From the farm bill to the farmstead, our team is here to keep you up to date on the latest agriculture news.

More Agriculture Stories

Bland Midwestern Fare? Not Here.

Both the Midwest, where chef Abra Berens grew up, and the UK, where she trained in culinary arts, have a reputation for bland food. However Berens’ menu — served in a greenhouse on-farm — proves that local, seasonal flavors are anything but.

Montana Wants to Be the Next Wine Country

The Big Sky State has a dedicated group of winemakers working with unique hybrid grapes resistant to the state’s harsh weather. But even with the science making progress, Montana still needs its lawmakers’ to give the nascent industry more support.

Even More Agriculture Stories to Explore

Farm-to-Table Dining in the California Desert

In a region that is historically agricultural, but currently classified as a food desert, the Cuyama Buckhorn — a roadhouse and 21-room hotel — is the only full-service restaurant in New Cuyama. Diners delight in its refined rustic comfort food.


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