As stewards of America’s natural resources, rural communities are often on the front lines of both environmental disasters and innovations. You can keep up with the latest environmental news from across rural America here.

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The Beaver State of Mind

A rural town in Oregon became an unlikely epicenter of global efforts to restore the semi-aquatic rodent. Starting in mid-November, the State of Beaver Conference will host beaver experts and conservationists from all over the world.

A Journey to Salmon River

Climate change might be exacerbating Chinook Salmon decline, but the view of homecoming and spawning from Salmon River this weekend was surprisingly breathtaking.

Even More environmental coverage to explore

A World Without Sriracha

Drought-tolerant peppers used for Sriracha are in short supply as climate change makes it hard for even these heat-loving plants to survive. It tastes like bad news for everyone.

Killing Fish to Save Frogs

During World War II, lakes in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range were populated with trout that rapidly transformed the region’s ecosystems. Now, a poison is being used in some lakes to kill off the invasive fish.


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