Rural communities across the nation boast rich traditions, both new and old. Stay up to date on the latest news, reviews, and storytelling on rural arts and culture. From music and film, to literature and history, to festivals and food, we’ve got it covered.

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For the Love of Peanuts

A severe drought, lack of price support, and high costs of fuel and fertilizer weren’t enough to discourage Joel Hicks from farming what brings him the most joy – peanuts.

45 Degrees North: On Culverts

When you live where there aren’t municipal water and sewer lines, you can’t take for granted where your water comes from and where your waste goes. But our private wells and septic systems only go so far in managing water and waste. For surface drainage, the unsung hero of rural life is the culvert.

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What Happens When a Newspaper Dies?

McKeesport, Pennsylvania, lost its daily paper in 2015. The closure has undermined both high-profile journalism and the bread-and-butter information that helps a community function, says reporter-turned-scholar Andrew Conte. 


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