Rural communities across the nation boast rich traditions, both new and old. Stay up to date on the latest news, reviews, and storytelling on rural arts and culture. From music and film, to literature and history, to festivals and food, we’ve got it covered.

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A Rural Calling: Al White

A documentarian, a radio DJ, an organizer and a leader – Al White is dedicated to serving the community he came up in.

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Commentary: Musician’s Notes From the Road

“After years of playing honky-tonks in mill towns, performing for ticketed folks seated in a beautiful theater seems like a dream, playing an opening set for a hero on a big stage like a fairy tale. But then what is playing under a canopy of Douglas fir, a forest cathedral on the banks of the roaring Umpqua? … I know how precious this wilderness is and how to care for it through the decency of showing up and working hard, like any other rural gig.”

45 Degrees North: The D Word

In rural areas, farmers may be the first to feel the effects of drought, but the consequences ripple through a community. Here are some things you should know when you hear The D Word.


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