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John O’Neal and Junebug Jabbo Jones: Theater from the Rural South

John O’Neal, 1940-2019, helped build a theater movement that supported voting rights and crossed cultural frontiers. His work is part of a new book featuring the plays of Appalachia’s Roadside Theater. Roadside and O’Neal collaborated for decades on plays that built common ground across race and geography while honoring individual cultural identity.

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45 Degrees North: Spring Thaw

When it seems like winter just won’t let go, one way to manage cabin fever is by finding something to celebrate. Here’s how they do it Up North.

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45 Degrees North: Need-To-Know

News travels fast in rural communities – except when it doesn’t. Sometimes there are things your neighbors, first responders, mail carriers and others need to know. But how do you keep that stuff from leaking into the local rumor mill?

45 Degrees North: Dressing For Cold

Winter weather means outdoor recreation has the potential to kill. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for staying warm indoors, outdoors, and in between. But here are tips from rural northern Wisconsin that can help you dress for the cold. 

An Educator Turns into a Student

On a journey that’s going to take him two years, a former educator wants to document and collect knowledge from rural communities and cultures often sidelined in our popular discourse. 

45 Degrees North: Snow Country Driveways

Keeping your rural driveway clear will endear you to UPS, FedEx, and propane delivery drivers, first responders, and others. Here are things to know when you live in snow country.


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