The Daily Yonder’s Rural Reporting Fellowship is a program for aspiring journalists and media strategists. Want to kickstart your career in online news and learn more about covering rural issues and perspectives? This is your chance to join our growing team of rural storytellers and communications professionals.

Fellowship Details

We are currently seeking fellows for spring and summer 2021.

Who’s Eligible

The Rural Reporting Fellowship is geared toward any emerging professional or college student eager to sharpen their journalistic craft or build a portfolio of published work.

We welcome your application whether you are a rural resident holding down your holler or prairie, a “small-town kid” with rural roots, or simply an ally with a passion or curiosity for rural concerns (personal or professional).

Our team values equity and inclusion and we especially seek candidates who embody the growing diversity of rural America.

Fellowship Length, Location, and Logistics

We bring on new fellows each fall, spring and summer, aligned with the typical academic calendar. The fellowship lasts for an initial term of at least 12 weeks, with the opportunity for extension depending upon the fellow’s availability and newsroom needs. The exact schedule and length of service are set with each individual fellow.

Fellows are paid for their work and may work part-time or full-time hours. An outside stipend or compensation arranged via a candidate’s college or a placement organization are permitted and coordinated on a case-by-case basis. We can also accommodate joint fellowships with other news organizations.

Our newsroom has staff and contributors located in numerous places around the country. Today and in the pre-Covid era we have relied on a distributed, remote workforce. Fellows are able to work from anywhere in the United States. For those desiring an in-person experience, we have offices and core staff in Whitesburg, Kentucky, Knoxville, Tennessee, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota, and Roseburg, Oregon.

What Fellows Do

Rural Reporting Fellows write and report for rural audiences around the world. They identify and seek out compelling stories that reflect diverse rural landscapes and people. And they help our stories reach audiences across multiple media to make an impact.

We devise a tailored work plan with each fellow to fit their goals and interests. Our fellows have been tasked with:

  • writing and reporting pieces for publication, including news, features, analysis, commentary, and more;
  • supporting production of podcasts, videos, interactive charts and graphics, and other multimedia items to accompany stories;
  • assisting with cultivation of pitches and editing submissions from contributors; and
  • helping prepare content for the web and other platforms, using content management systems, social media managers, email marketing platforms, and more.

About Us

If you’re new around here, the Daily Yonder is a digital media organization dedicated to telling the stories of rural communities and small towns across America (and beyond). Our team produces news reporting, features, analysis, commentary, and more. We provide an online platform for authentic, grounded depictions of rural life. Daily Yonder stories go beyond tropes, clichés, and the view from afar. They showcase an asset-based vision of rural, defined by diversity, resilience, creativity, and community spirit.

Our publisher is the Center for Rural Strategies, a national nonprofit that uses communications and media to improve conditions in the countryside. In addition to publishing the Daily Yonder, Rural Strategies also serves as coordinator of the Rural Assembly, a nationwide coalition of rural problem-solvers, policymakers, and change-agents.

The Work of Our Fellows

Rural America is a large, diverse, and dynamic place. To help us cover it all, we pride ourselves on empowering each Rural Reporting Fellow to make robust, meaningful contributions to our newsroom. See for yourself, with this sampling from our fellows past and present.

Xandr Brown

Xandr was a Summer 2021 Rural Reporting Fellow. She is a recent graduate of the University of Rochester, and came to the Daily Yonder following stints with Flint Beat, Flintside, the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition, and Legal Services of Eastern Michigan. Her fellowship focused on coverage of diversity, equity and inclusion in agriculture, as well as audio and video production. Xandr has continued her work with the Daily Yonder as a Multimedia Producer.

Adilia Watson

Adilia was a Summer 2021 Rural Reporting Fellow. She is a recent graduate of Seattle University, and came to the Daily Yonder as an Emma Bowen Foundation Fellow. For her fellowship, she built a beat covering rural Black communities, with a focus on environmental justice and the southern Black Belt. She has since gone on to cover youth and family issues at The Imprint.

Dani Pérez

Dani was a Summer 2021 Rural Reporting Fellow. They are a recent graduate of Harvard University. For their fellowship, they focused on coverage of rural LGBTQ+ communities and aided with translating targeted content into Spanish.

See more of Dani’s stories.

Haley Cush

Haley was a summer 2021 Rural Reporting Fellow. She is a student at Duke University and came to the Daily Yonder via the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, coordinated by Duke and the University of North Carolina.

See more of Haley’s stories.

Olivia Weeks

Olivia was a Spring 2021 Rural Reporting Fellow. She is a student at Harvard University, and came to the Daily Yonder following an internship at the Provincetown Independent in Provincetown, Massachusetts. In addition to her news reporting, she is also the creative force behind our Path Finders newsletter. Olivia has continued to author Path Finders following the completion of her fellowship.

Anya Slepyan

Anya was a Fall 2020 Rural Reporting Fellow. She is a student at Swarthmore College, and came to the Daily Yonder following previous work with the Pulitzer Center and Southerly. Other internship experiences include Appalshop and WMMT radio in Whitesburg, Kentucky and, Mountain State Spotlight in Charleston, West Virginia. In addition to her news reporting, she was also an assistant producer on our Everywhere Radio podcast.

Mikhal Ben-Joseph

Mikhal Ben-Joseph was a summer 2020 Rural Reporting Fellow. She is a student at the University of North Carolina and came to the Daily Yonder via the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, coordinated by Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

Apply Today

If you’d like to be one of our next Rural Reporting Fellows, simply email a résumé and a writing sample to

Our team will follow up to schedule an interview and request any other needed information.


If you have questions, please contact See the full job posting and position description for additional information.