Note: Daily Yonder reporter Claire Carlson is taking the reins at Keep It Rural while Bryce Oates, its former author, focuses on some projects of his own. Of course, Bryce wouldn’t pick just anyone to succeed him.

Bryce says that Claire is “one of the best talents and most rural-focused writers I know these days.” We hope you’ll enjoy her fresh perspective on policy, environment, conservation, and all things rural.

Thoughts on the news of the week from a rural-focused writer with a deep concern for shrinking lakes and aspirations of tending a thriving vegetable garden.

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Keep It Rural is a weekly newsletter written by Daily Yonder reporter Claire Carlson. It features Claire’s take on the news of the day, along with recommended rural reading from around the web and other musings on music, food, arts and culture, and more. It is delivered every Tuesday afternoon.

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Bryce Oates is a freelance writer whose work includes reported news, narrative nonfiction, opinion pieces, Q&A interviews and strategic communications. He’s interested in all sorts of things, chiefly — or at least most pertinent to this newsletter — federal budgets in rural communities, farm and food policy, public lands and conservation issues, racial and gender equity in rural, climate change, economic inequality, rural demographic data and the many iterations of “rural poverty.”

Transylvania County, North Carolina. (Photo by Dillon Groves on Unsplash.)

Bryce, who grew up in rural Missouri, now writes from the mountains of Transylvania County, North Carolina.

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