The old adage says familiarity breeds contempt. These days, we know the opposite is true. Lack of familiarity allows us to focus on our differences and treat people we don’t know with scorn. Or even hate them.

The fruits of this division are all around us.

The Daily Yonder’s job is to pull down some of these barriers and help all of us understand each other a little better.

We do this by covering the issues that are important to rural communities and small towns. We create a bridge between rural America’s diverse communities and our urban neighbors.

We want everyone to understand what it takes to build a stronger rural America, one that can help the nation move forward. Because when rural America thrives, big cities thrive also, and vice versa.

To do this work, we need your help.

Today the Daily Yonder is launching our annual fundraising campaign. For a limited time, every dollar you give will be matched 3 to 1. Through a national program called NewsMatch, every dollar you contribute will result in $3 in contributions to the Daily Yonder.

The math is on your side. This is the absolutely best time to contribute to the Daily Yonder.

As a Daily Yonder reader, you want a complete and compassionate picture of rural America’s diverse communities, and you want to know what is working to improve conditions for rural families. Your support today makes it possible for us to keep doing the important work of providing accurate and timely information that builds connection and community.

Thank you for reading the Daily Yonder and supporting our work.


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Another Way to Give

There’s another way you can support the Daily Yonder, and it doesn’t cost a penny. We’re looking for reader testimonials to use in future messages during our donor campaign. If you want to help, send us a short comment about why you read the Yonder, what value you see in the content we produce, or the way the Yonder helps you understand rural America. Submit your comment using the form below or email us at