When I started working as a Reporting Fellow last year, I was going through a bit of a career crisis. I was almost done with a master’s program in geography and I had planned on pursuing a Ph.D. I love searching for stories in data, interviewing people, and writing about what I learn. I wanted to dedicate my life to it.

But the more time I spent working as a lead teaching assistant, the friendlier I became with the faculty, and the more honest they were about the reality of their jobs.

I realized that even if I lucked out with a tenured position, much of my time would be spent teaching, grading, and attending meetings. Whatever time happened to be left over I could spend on my own work. 

I brainstormed other career options and kept a list on my phone of everything that came to mind. I could be a map-maker, or a number-cruncher for the EPA, or an analyst, or maybe, even, a barista. 

Then I saw that the Daily Yonder was looking for fellowship applicants. That’s when it clicked for me. 

Journalism involves everything I love about academia. Journalists investigate, research, interview, analyze the numbers, and share what they’ve learned with an audience of engaged readers. I told myself that if I liked the fellowship, I would put off applying for Ph.D. programs indefinitely. 

What I found at the Daily Yonder was a leadership team dedicated to developing my skills so that I can follow my passion for telling stories. I liked the fellowship so much that I extended it. Fortunately for my fellow data nerds, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me around here. 

As you know, tomorrow is Election Day. Editor Tim Marema and I will be working tirelessly to bring you election stories as the results come in, making sure you stay informed. It can be a tedious task, but bringing our readers timely and important stories is why I love my job. 

When it comes to rural election news, the Daily Yonder has it covered. You won’t find rural political reporting like this anywhere else. 

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