The National Farmers Union reminds us in this time of friendly gluttony that little of the cost of that Thanksgiving dinner you are now buying goes to farmers. The NFU (quoting the Agriculture Department) notes that 80% of the cost of food goes for off farm costs, such as marketing, processing, wholesaling, retailing and the cost of those feeding stations that crop up in food stores these days. (Folks, we go to the grocery to shop, not to eat.)

Anyway, here is the farmer’s take out of some Thanksgiving staples:

1 lb Bacon: $2.99; farmer $.51
2 lb carrots: $2.99; farmer $.51
5 lb flour: $2.89; farmer $.61
2 liter soda: $1.49; farmer $.07
Bag of chips: $3.79; farmer $.07
1 lb ham: $3.99; farmer $.51
1 gal. milk: $3.75; farmer $1.42
6-pack beer: $5.69; farmer $.13

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