You don’t usually see my name in the byline. In a way, my role at the Daily Yonder serves a similar purpose to that of a technician touring with an amazing band. Every day, I field pitches from writers and contributors and read and edit their stories. It’s their talent and tenacity that bring forward reporting that might otherwise be missed, or dismissed, by bigger outlets and the heritage media.

I make sure that their work can be heard clearly in the nosebleeds and that it packs the punch it deserves.

Editors are not always loved by writers, but I’d like to think the majority of editors love their own jobs. It comes with the thrill of being “in-the-know,” or – to continue with my glam rockstar metaphor – backstage, hanging out in the green room, and seeing how great articles come into existence; being the first to read an interview or to learn about something important, and helping shape the narrative around it.

But doing this work for the Daily Yonder is more than that. I get to collaborate with talented reporters who actively choose to fill in the gaps in news coverage all over the American media landscape, every day. Writing these stories is a hard and sometimes thankless job, but these writers and reporters continue to do it. Their incentive is not vast riches or fame, it’s the compelling and important nature of this work. Simply put: They believe in it. 

As a news organization that’s national in scope, we do our best to help these writers, reporters, and data journalists get their work out into the world and make it a viable way to support themselves. That’s where you come in.

It’s difficult to impress on folks exactly how much time and resources good reporting can take. With your contributions, we are able to pay for the high-quality work rural communities across the country deserve. Thank you for your readership, we’re grateful for your support, and let’s keep up the good work.

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Associate Editor, Jan Pytalski, and his wife Sarah, welcomed a baby girl this fall. Here, they share their journey back to rural Southern Oregon, the land of Sarah’s childhood home, and what it means to raise their daughter near the banks of the North Umpqua River.

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