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Urban Lehner at DTN, the fantastic ag news service, gives us an update on the Animal Liberation Front, including the photo (above) of Walter Bond, who was arrested for burning down a sheepskin factory outside of Denver in July. (Yes, that’s a “VEGAN” tat.) Lehner gets into the background of the fire, including a claim that the building was burned “in defense and retaliation for all the innocent animals that have died cruelly at the hands of human oppressors.” Anyway, there you go. 

• From the bizarre to the merely disgusting, we go now to the Kentucky State Fair. State fairs are now home to strange foods and the meal that is attracting attention in Louisville this year is the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger. You take two KK doughnuts and put them on the griddle, along with a burger and cheese and bacon. Put one doughnut on the bottom, followed by burger, cheese, bacon and, for health reasons, lettuce, tomato and onion. Then top off with other doughnut. 800 calories in one giant sweet/salty mess

• Philip Brasher reports in the Des Moines Register that the salmonella outbreak that has resulted in the recall of 380 million eggs from an Iowa producer could have been avoided if new rules had gone into effect a few months earlier. The Food and Drug Administration proposed ten years ago that farms test eggs routinely for salmonella, protect feed and water from contamination and test chicks for infection. Industry resistance delayed these rules until July. 

“The agency proposed the rules in 2005 but never implemented them and finally withdrew them shortly before Bush left office,” Brasher wrote. “The FDA announced in July 2009 that it was finally imposing the rules but allowed farms a year to come into compliance.” 

•USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack announced projects totaling $363 million that will extend broadband connections in rural areas. 

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