[imgcontainer] [img:Eisenhower_Memorial_Park1_t640.jpeg] This is an earlier version of the Dwight Eisenhower monument designed by Frank Gehry. Members of the former president’s family don’t believe Gehry’s design shows enough of Ike’s accomplishment, dwelling too much on his rural Kansas upbringing. [/imgcontainer]

The AP reports on the continuing bad blood between ag groups in Missouri and the Humane Society of the U.S. 

There is a new group, Missouri Farmers Care, that has combined Monsanto, Cargill and groups such as the Missouri Pork Association. Their target is the HSUS. The AP reports:

Rural lawmakers such as (state Sen. Brian) Munzlinger have headlined a recent series of Missouri Farmers Care town hall meetings across the state. From Clinton and Harrisonville to Salem and St. Joseph, hundreds of farmers turn out twice a month for political rallies that bring together soybean growers, dairy producers and other agricultural groups that more often have focused on their own narrow interests, said Dan Kleinsorge, the farm group’s operations manager.

• The Times’ Ian Urbana reports that the U.S. Department of Agriculture may require an extensive environmental review before issuing federally backed mortgages to people who have leased their land for oil and gas drilling. 

• There’s a new “telepharmacy” starting up in California. It would provide pharmacists  round the clock to hospitals or places that don’t have that kind of coverage. 

• France temporarily banned a GMO strain of corn made by Monsanto in order to “protect the environment.” Earlier, a French court overturned a ban of GMO crops made by Monsanto. 

• DTN has a good story on a nonprofit that supports beginning farmers in Japan. 

• David Graham of The Atlantic addresses “what Santorum gets wrong about the GOP and urban voters.” 

Graham says, rightly, that the urban population has grown mightily and that if the GOP ignores the cities, it loses.

• You just can’t win sometimes.

Architect Frank Gehry deisnged a memorial for Dwight D. Eisenhower, but the family objected. They said it dwelled too much on Ike’s rural roots in Kansas and not his accomplishment as a General and President. 

Gehry says he’s open to design changes. 

• Speaking of monuments, work continues on the rock sculpture of Crazy Horse on the side of a mountain in South Dakota’s Black Hills. The Times’ A. G. Sulzberger get us up to date on the controversial monument that began in 1948. 

• Interesting story in today’s Times about quirky museums in Texas. 

There’s the Central Texas Oil Patch Museum in Luling, the barb wire museum in McLean (otherwise known as the Devil’s Rope Museum), and, though it’s not in rural, the Texas Toilet Seat Museum in San Antonio.

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