We’ve recently made available three fun premiums as a gifts for those who donate to the Yonder. Pick one of the first two on this page, both offered by the National Rural Assembly’s Whitney Coe, and you will either receive a ticket to a show at your local community theatre OR be mailed a mysterious box full of sundries, scavenged and assembled by Whitney from a thrift store near her house. She will not include previously owned nail polish, she claims.

The third option is a custom jingle written, sung, and recorded just for you by the fabulous duo Liz & Tim. The height of professional (or personal, if you’re the super confident type) branding. Tim swears he’ll avoid anything in the style of a 70’s car commercial, but I could swear I’ve heard him talking about rich Corinthian leather around the office lately. More than usual, at least.



Calling Whitney Kimball Coe a community-theater enthusiast is an understatement. If she’s not in the audience at a production of her local theater, that means only one thing: She’s in the play. Share Whitney’s enthusiasm for the local dramatic arts with this premium. Whitney will get you two tickets to any community theater performance around the country. She’ll spring for a total of $40 – more than enough for most local productions.



Whitney Kimball Coe is a master Goodwill shopper. Her finds have included the entire six-season DVD set of Northern Exposure, designer-brand clothing, a string of (real) pearls, and a retro hot-pink portable cassette player. Win this premium, and Whitney will hit the thrift stores on your behalf, promising to deliver with a Goodwill surprise that will delight and impress you.



DONATE NOW.  By day he’s a slightly grumpy news editor trying to say one step ahead of his inbox. By night, he’s part of the third-most-popular husband-and-wife folk-music duo in Norris, Tennessee (pop. 1,600). Let Tim Marema create a 30-second musical jingle for your website or podcast or whatever. Tim will learn about your enterprise, write lyrics, and record the song for your use. He’ll deliver it in a suitable audio format for you to use with video or an audio embed or as the music track for your national advertising campaign.

The fine print: Tim says he ain’t no stinking Barry Manilow, so don’t expect the jingle to sound like “Weekends Were Made for Michelob” (for the young folks, that was a jingle that ran on television incessantly during the Carter years). The jingle will most likely be set to a traditional American tune of some sort, and the instrumentation will be simple and clean.

So not like this:

YouTube video

But more like this:

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