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The New Year is underway and our annual donor campaign is complete. We asked for your help, and through every goal and matching challenge, you answered the call.

Thanks to your steadfast support, we’ve qualified for more than $40,000 in match funds. The sum of your donations, plus that financial boost, makes a real difference in what we can accomplish in the year ahead.

That money goes directly into the publication of more great rural stories. It supports our growing roster of correspondents and contributors, including writers, photographers, illustrators, audio and video professionals, reporting fellows, and more. And it empowers us to keep expanding and experimenting, pursuing new projects and strategic initiatives.

We can’t say it enough: thank you for supporting our rural newsroom.

Whether you gave a lot, a little, or simply read and enjoyed Daily Yonder stories on the regular, we remain deeply grateful for you. We don’t take for granted each time you welcome us into your inboxes, or like and share our stuff in your social feeds, or add us to your shortcuts and bookmarks, or even sport your own Daily Yonder-branded merch.

The past year has been a busy one for us, as captured in our year in review, and we’re eager to build on that success in 2023. Whatever is around the corner, we’ll keep working hard to deliver work worthy of your support.

And while last week marked the end of our campaign, if you see something you love and the occasion calls for it, we are thrilled to receive reader donations year round.

Thanks again, and best wishes to you from all of us here at the Daily Yonder. Here’s to Keeping It Rural in the year ahead.

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