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Texas released its map of broadband availability yesterday. We should say maps, since the $3 million project has produced a score of ways of looking at broadband in the state. 

Overall, according to Connected Nation, the telecomm supported group that did the project, 96.5 percent of Texas households have access to broadband Internet. Texas is a big state and a highly urbanized one. But that still means that more than 250,000 households don’t broadband at home. When you look at a map of the unserved areas of the state, there is a lot of territory without broadband. 

The Austin American-Statesman reported that only 62% of Texas household use their broadband connections. “Cost, the lack of a computer or ignorance about how to use one are just some of the hurdles to broadband adoption in areas where broadband is available,” the paper reported.

The state now has an interactive map. You can look at the distribution of people who own computers or are without any Internet access. The map is a bit slow, those without broadband might want to think twice about using it. Here’s the interactive map

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