[imgcontainer left] [img:529645-barefoot-bowls.jpeg] Support the Daily Yonder and earn a day in Brisbane, Australia, which, of course, includes barefoot lawn bowling. Your guides will be the founders of the Feral Arts digital storytelling laboratory. [/imgcontainer]

The first few days of the Daily Yonder 5th anniversary fundraiser have been great. As of last night, Yonder readers have contributed $2,950. And more contributions are coming in every hour. If you’d like to donate, click on the box to your left.

The good response is due, in part, to the super premiums that we’re offering. Yonder bandanas, yes, and where else could you get a downtown tour of Hazard, Kentucky.

And that brings us to today’s offering. First, be advised that this premium does NOT include air fare.

Okay, this is a good one. Sarah Moynihan and Norm Horton of Feral Arts (the digital storytelling outfit in Australia) are offering donors to the Daily Yonder a one day tour of Brisbane. 

You will Cruise the Brisbane River, grab some fish and chips, hike the River Walk, stop by the Powerhouse Arts Centre, and go barefoot lawn bowling at one of Brisbane pristine Bowls Clubs where you can refresh yourself with beer and summer shandies while dining on a regional dish of peanuts and potato chips, what locals call salad. All for just $250; get the details here.

And you will get to do it all with Sarah and Norm. Sarah assures us that the Yonder truly has international appeal. “People Down Under really do read the Daily Yonder,” she said. “We can’t wait to take some Yonder readers bowling.”

Go here to get the details on this one-of-a-kind offering.

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