Sunday dinner near Sitka, Alaska
Chicken Teriyaki al fresco and aqua table decor near Sitka, Alaska
Photo: Brandon Laufenberg

Who needs candlelight when you have humpback whales and a late summer rainshower?

Brandon Laufenberg kindly supplied us with this fine Sunday dinner photo from his 2005 trip through the Inside Passage of Alaska. “I had previously lived in Sitka,” he writes, “and this was my first time back in 6 years.” He and a friend were camping near the Starrigavan Picnic Area in August, “after getting off the ferry to the island. It had been raining most of the day and we had to work pretty hard to get a fire going.”

The meal: instant potatoes, chicken teriyaki, Diet Pepsi (the can nicely setting off some aqua-handled flatware). “We ate pretty well on this trip,” Brandon notes. See his complete photo set from the journey, including another chicken teriyaki meal, with carrots and potatoes cooked up in aluminum foil.

Brandon most definitely has a taste for teriyaki and an eye for blue — shining in salmon waters, complimenting his friend, or underlining the Alaskan dawn.

All you campers and travelers — stay-at-homes, too– please send us your Sunday dinner photos (blue or some other shade) from the rural U.S.

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