Okay, now we’re getting confused. Is Rep. John T. Salazar up for the job of Secretary of Agriculture? Or not? (Salazar is shown above right with his brother, Sen. Ken Salazar.)

This morning’s New York Times reports that the Colorado congressman is “being considered for” the Ag job. Salazar is a two-term House member and farmer. “Other than running a farm, he does not have a lot of management experience,” the Times helpfully points out. “We need a president who understands the contributions and values of rural America, a president who understands the men and women who are up at 5 a.m. every day to grow the food that we put on our tables,” Salazar said in a speech when Obama accepted the Democratic nomination.

Meanwhile, however, Congressional Quarterly reports that Salazar “has all but taken himself out of consideration now that he has won a seat on the Appropriations Committee.” CQ reports that “environmentalists and animal rights groups were not thrilled” with Salazar. The Democratic Caucus Wednesday approved Salazar to be on the Appropriations Committee and so an aide to the congressman told CQ “it is highly unlikely he would take the job” with the new administration.

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