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An additional 285,000 rural Americans completed their Covid-19 vaccinations last week, raising the overall rate of completed vaccinations by about 0.6 percentage points to 34% of the rural population, according to data from the Centers from Disease Control and state departments of health.

The rate of metropolitan completed vaccinations increased by about 1.1 percentage points last week, raising the rate of completed vaccinations to 44.3% of the metropolitan population.

The map above above shows U.S. county vaccination rates compared to an adjusted national average. Hover over counties to see additional information.

  • Counties with above-average rates are green (rural) and light green (metro).
  • Counties with low vaccination rates (within 30% of the U.S. adjusted rate) are brown (rural) and tan (metro).
  • Counties with very low vaccination rates (below 30% of the national adjusted average) are red (rural) and pink (metro).

The gap between the metropolitan and rural vaccination rates grew last week (see graph).

The pace of new vaccinations is on a gradual decline across the country. The number of newly vaccinated rural residents fell by about 32% last week compared to two weeks ago. In metropolitan counties, the number of newly completed vaccinations fell by about 36%.

The Daily Yonder’s analysis of vaccinations is based on the CDC data from June 28 and data from the Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Texas state departments of health.

Our weekly analysis gives a rough sense of how vaccinations efforts are proceeding, but the rural and urban vaccination numbers are likely higher than our geographic analysis indicates. That’s because about 10.6 million completed vaccinations (or 7.5% of the national total) lack the geographic information necessary to code them as rural or metropolitan. If these unallocated vaccinations were apportioned based on the relative population of metropolitan and rural counties, the metropolitan completed vaccination rate would be about 50.7% and the rural vaccination rate would be about 35.0%.

The map below shows the rural vaccination rate. Hover over states to see additional information.

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