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Since 1999 the Rural School and Community Trust has been spreading the message that good schools go hand in hand with strong communities. Their mission is to “help rural schools and communities get better together.”

Now, after nearly 10 years directing the national nonprofit, founding president Rachel Tompkins has announced that she will be retiring in June 2009. The board of directors has launched a national search to find her replacement.

The Rural Trust has established itself as a major advocate for rural communities and their schools. The organization has a $2 to $3 million annual budget, employs a staff of 27, and is working on a new program, the Rural School Innovation Network, which will offer a range of services to rural schools on a fee-for-service basis. It’s a big job, and anyone who follows public education knows there’s no likelihood that education issues will get any easier in the coming years.

Want to see what size feet you need to fill the shoes of president of the Rural School and Community Trust? The organization has a job description and other information posted on their website:

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