waddey rural route pastor

Today the Yonder proudly adds to our blogroll Rural Route Church. Baptist pastor “Waddey” from western Tennessee steps out of the pulpit to talk about his community and touch on matters (usually) more time-bound than eternal.

We were hooked after reading his “More Questions for the Presidential Candidates”:

1. Do you believe that “gun control” involves legislation, or simply using two hands?
2. Bagels or biscuits?
3. Jam or jelly?
4. Time out or paddle?
5. Vegetarian or carnivore?
6 . What is the key distinctive characteristic of the 1979 Ford F 150?
7. Who sang “He Stopped Loving Her Today”?
8. Do you look forward to that glorious day when the first tomato comes off the vine?
9. Do you crumble your cornbread into your pinto beans, or do you just use it to soak up the bean juice and then eat it? Both are acceptable. . . I just need to know.
10. Do you believe that monogamy is a type of wood?

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