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People living in large metro areas have a better sense of “wellbeing” than do those who live in small towns and rural areas, according to a Gallup poll. 

Gallup asked Americans about six areas of their lives and in only one do rural residents score higher in their perceived wellbeing than those who live in large cities. Rural residents are more likely to say good things about their work environment than those who live in more urbanized settings.

People living in rural areas are more likely to feel safer walking the streets, but they report higher levels of obesity and smoking. Rural residents are less likely to see a dentist regularly or to have health insurance. Rural residents have higher rates of diabetese, cancer and high cholesterol and they have less access to fruits and vegetables. Urban residents report a much higher “life evaluation” than do rural residents.

“Residents living in small towns and rural areas, in turn, should recognize that quieter, calmer settings do not necessarily translate to better wellbeing, and they should make more aggressive efforts to overcome lower overall performance,” Gallup reports.

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