Rural wireless operators want to offer their customers a chance to use an Apple iPhone. Apple has an exclusive agreement with AT&T, however. So, the Rural Cellular Association is asking the Federal Communications Commission to investigate this exclusive deal.

“Who knew the iPhone was so popular, especially in rural America?” asks IntoMobile. “Actually, we knew it was popular, but it’s surprising to hear that rural wireless carriers are upset that they can’t offer their local subscribers any iPhone-love.” But, really, who wants to pay AT&T’s roaming charge when you veer out of the cities into Yonder territory?

The Wall Street Journal suspects that the Republicans who dominate the FCC now won’t touch this issue and that it will be up to a new round of presidential appointees to make a decision. IntoMobile suspects that should the exclusivity agreements go do, so will prices. And those iPhones are pretty slick!

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