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Trefor Davies, of UK Internet Service Provider Timico, plans an aerial demonstration of just how bad rural broadband delivery is in rural England. He’s racing a pigeon, strapped with a data card, against a PC with typically low-speed bandwidth delivery on a farm in rural Lincolnshire.

Davies made a video of his most recent 5 minute haircut, 200 MB of data. On one PC, a farmer in Beverly will begin uploading the video to youtube. Meanwhile, a carrier pigeon will set out flying. Davies believes that by the time the pigeon has arrived in a loft in Wrangle, 84 miles away, the data card has been pulled off the bird’s leg and inserted into a PC , and the haircut movie is being viewed, the youtube in Beverly will still be loading.

Similar experiments have already taken place in South Africa and the Australian outback – with pigeons beating rural broadband both times.

“For lots of the UK,” (approximately 1/3) says Mr. Davies,  “It’s no different from the broadband perspective from being in the outback of Australia.”

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