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Is nothing sacred.

We read that Christie’s auction house is selling Trigger, Roy Roger’s stuffed horse. The (stiffly) prancing palomino had been part of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Branson, Missouri. Apparently Roy and Dale don’t pull them in like they once did and the museum is closing. So Trigger and all the other Roy Rogers stuff is going under the gavel. 

Included will be Roy’s 1964 Bonneville convertible (the one dotted with silver dollars and its door handles and gear shift replaced by silver-plated pistols, according to AP writer Eva Dou. Also on sale are performance outfits (think fringe), 60 pairs of cowboy boots (any eleven and a halves?), the trusty Jeep “Nellybelle” and the remains of Bullet, Roy’s dog.

And, of course, Trigger.

The car is expected to go for up to $150,000. Trigger is estimated to bring between $100,000 and $200,000 — transportation not included.

Christie’s claims they are overwhelmed by calls. And why not? “They were the Brad and Angelina of the time,” said Christie’s worker.

Well, let’s hope not.

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