Marcel LaFlamme

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Marcel LaFlamme, anthropologist, Houston, Texas: I want to spend a
day flying with a crop duster. My dissertation research in North Dakota
examines the rise of unmanned aviation, but also objections to it. In a
farm state where one in seven planes is agricultural, I’m expecting
that aerial applicators will have a thing or two to say about sharing
the sky with unmanned aircraft.


Robert C. Bowman, M.D.,
health access advocate, Mesa, Arizona: To be more efficient and more
effective in making political and health care leaders uncomfortable with
health workforce designs that have failed for 30 years and could fail
most Americans for another 30 years – if we let them. 


[imgcontainer] [img:racel-reynolds-luster530.jpg]Rachel Reynolds Luster [/imgcontainer] 

Rachel Reynolds Luster,
folklorist, Couch, Missouri: I resolve to nurture a place-based cultural
economy in my home community in tangible ways this year. I will also
attempt to finish my dissertation so I can write more for Art of The
Rural and the DY :)


[imgcontainer left] [img:MLB-headshot200.jpg]Matt Barron [/imgcontainer]

Matt L. Barron, political consultant & rural strategist, Chesterfield,
Massachusetts: I am going to work on projects to rebuild the electoral
infrastructure for Democrats in rural America and key states in 2013.


George Barnette, volunteer organizer, Johnson City Texas: I will expand efforts to bring the benefits of cities to my rural community without dragging their liabilities with them.


Aleta Botts, Agricultural Policy Outreach Director, University of Kentucky, Mount Sterling, Kentucky: More hikes with the family at Red River Gorge.


[imgcontainer right] [img:julianne-couch-and-ukelele200.jpg] Julianne Couch [/imgcontainer]

Julianne Couch, journalist and author, Bellevue, Iowa: I resolve to add my new Martin soprano ukulele to the list of instruments I fancy I can play. Until someone who can really play comes along and shows me up. When not practicing the uke, I hope to study Latin. Really.


John Mahoney & Wendy Davis, M.D., teacher and pediatrician, Burlington, Vermont:

Our 2013 Resolutions for Health

D—ine locally
A—ctivity—just do it
I—mmunizations—get ‘em
Y—oung people—teach them healthy behaviors

Y—oga—to manage stress
O—ur hands—keep ‘em clean
N—umbers—know ‘em (blood pressure, blood sugar, body mass index/BMI, cholesterol)
D—evour more fruits and veggies
E—xam for health—get one
R—estrain with safety seats/seat belts


[imgcontainer left] [img:TS174.jpg] Tim Size [/imgcontainer]

Tim Size, executive director of Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative Sauk City, Wisconsin: To make it to 2014 :)

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