The Daily Yonder keeps going thanks to the generosity and goodwill of many people around the world. Beyond the donations we gratefully receive from readers like you, there’s also the time and counsel we count on from allies and advocates, including the Board of Directors that governs our work. 

Among those board members is Shirley Sneve, the Vice President of Broadcasting at ICT (formerly Indian Country Today). Shirley is an experienced media leader with deep insights on coverage of rural and Indigenous issues.

Here’s Shirley’s message on why your support is so important to this work.

“In a world marked more by division than commonality, it’s easy for the loudest voice to get the most attention. Thoughtful journalism can make a difference, and that’s what the Daily Yonder does. It raises the voice of those who may be left behind by the noise of national headlines and social media.

“The Daily Yonder and the Center for Rural Strategies bring you news and solutions, as well as a place to have a virtual cup of coffee and learn about the issues facing the heartland. As a nonprofit organization that has you, not corporations, at the center of its message, we count on you to help lift up these voices to a larger audience. Please join me in your support.”

With a little more than one week left in our end-of-year fundraising campaign, there’s no better time to join Shirley and all the rest who help make our rural coverage possible, by adding your donation


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The Daily Yonder is a project of the Center for Rural Strategies, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Gifts may be tax deductible; consult a tax adviser for more information. The Rural Assembly is also a project of the Center for Rural Strategies.

About NewsMatch
Contributions from individuals are eligible to be matched up to $1,000 per donor from November 1 to December 31, 2022, to a combined total of at least $15,000, through the NewsMatch national-matching program. The Daily Yonder has been selected to receive an additional $15,000 in matching funds from NewsMatch for its dedication to providing coverage of rural Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and highlighting issues that impact residents’ lives and support civic engagement. These matching funds run concurrently, which means every dollar we raise, up to $15,000, is matched twice. Monthly recurring donations are matched at the 12-month value of the donation, up to $1,000. For more details about eligibility see NewsMatch guidelines.

About the Joe and Helen Pickering Challenge
Joe and Helen Pickering, the father- and mother-in-law of publisher Dee Davis, were among the first donors to the Daily Yonder when it began publishing in 2007. Helen was a journalist and an activist. She edited the Stanford Daily when the boys were off at WWII. Later, she worked for reproductive rights and environmental protection. Joe was a WWII vet and a businessman who began the challenge to honor Helen when she passed away in 2017. Joe died in 2020. The Joe and Helen Pickering Challenge reflects their commitment to making things better, and Dee and his wife Mimi have kept it going in their memory.