The Austin (TX) American-Statesman tells us that musicians are having to rethink their tours as gas prices jump over $4 a gallon. Austin’s Band of Heathens played shows in Oklahoma City, then Dallas, then south to New Braunfels — three fill-ups for a total cost of $325.

Okay, enough about hip bands with whiney singers in black jeans. What about your average polka group? The latest edition of the Texas Polka News reports that “the price of polka is going up!” The TPN is a labor of love published by John and Marlys Rivard and the two come out in favor of higher ticket prices to help struggling bands. “It’s no fair to ask (the bands or the dance halls) to absorb the cost,” TPN said in an editorial. So the ticket for a polka dance goes from $5-6 to $7-8? Big deal.

“By any relative comparison to other recreations (movies, eating out, golf…) dancing is dirt cheap! And what do you get for your dancing admission? Four or more hours of great exercise, good people, and plain old-fashioned fun, with beer that only costs about $2.50….Dancing is a bargain. Even if the price of polka is going up.”

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