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Total 2010 budget outlays are projected at nearly $3.6 trillion with a deficit of $1.26 trillion or 8.5 percent of the Gross National Product.

The Rural Policy and Research Institute (RUPRI) has prepared a snapshot of the 2010 federal budget proposal that covers topics of particular concern to members of the National Rural Assembly:

    * Regional and Rural Economic Development

    * Broadband Deployment

    * Health Care

    * Renewable Energy

    * Infrastructure

    * Conservation and Natural Resources

    * Community Development

One of the budget documents released by the Office of Management and Budget is Terminations, Reductions and Savings. This itemizes 121 programs to be cut or reduced in order to save some $17 billion.  About $82 million for Congressional earmarks in the USDA budget, which support a wide range of rural projects and programs, has been eliminated from the budget for FY2010.  Read the OMB’s key issues fact sheet, Standing with Rural America.

RUPRI’s summarization also includes an appendix  that outlines proposed budget cuts for a wide range of rural programs.

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