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Your Yonder editors visited the church picnic in Dubina, Texas, Sunday. Dubina is in Fayette County, the heartland of Czech Texas and so there was lots of polka music and kolaches up for auction at the church fundraiser. 

We know the ground is too wet in parts of the Midwest, but here ranchers are suffering through a brutal drought. Central Texas has run out of categories for bad when it comes to a lack of rain. We went into Dubina’s beautiful Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church (interior photo above) and found copies of a “Prayer For Rain” in every pew. It goes, in part, like this:

“We come now with You in our hearts, to pray for rain. We are firmly convinced that You, according to the measure of Your wisdom, goodness and love, have the omnipotent power to send us the rain we need. We ask this in humility, knowing Your great goodness. We also ask of You to guide us in the right path, to restrain us from evil, and to preserve us from misfortune of soul and body. We ask that we may be made worthy of Your great kindness in granting our request. We beg Your assistance, remembering Your words,’Ask and you shall receive.’ Amen.”

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