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Small Farm Infatuation Misses Reality, Delta Writer Says

The Yonder’s Richard Oswald would love to see Chuck Hassebrook at deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Down in the Mississippi Delta, there is a different opinion. Forest Laws of the Delta Farm Press writes that “with some reluctance…I don’t think Chuck Hassebrook would be a good choice for deputy secretary.” Laws says […]

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Speak Your Piece: What’s With This Dismissal of Rural America?

Cities like Chicago are cool. Chicago’s neighbors live in rural Illinois.Photo: Stuck In Customs New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof suggested last week that instead of a Secretary of Agriculture we need a Secretary of Food. Having a Secretary of Agriculture made sense 100 years ago, but now only two percent of Americans farm while […]

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Farm Bill Update: Second Day of Meetings Brings More Money For Specialty Crops, but Reform?

This is the second day of discussion on the farm bill in the House Agriculture Committee. (Remember, the farm bill is not just for farmers.) The negotiations are fluid, but the rhetoric on all sides is heating up. Here’s a rundown: Rep. Collin Peterson, chair of House Ag committeePhoto: Minnesota Public Radio/Dan Gunderson What’s Happening? […]

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A Report From Minnesota — But Good For All of Rural America

“The state is failing rural Minnesota,” the report begins. While the state’s economic development department chases after Toyota-sized factories for larger towns, “Efforts to aid rural areas are fragmented, unfocused or nonexistent.” A new report on “Rural Minnesota’s Crisis” was published by a non-partisan research group (Minnesota 2020) in late June. It aimed to change […]