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Monday Roundup: Firefighters and Health Insurance

About 20 percent of the U.S. population lives in rural areas of the country, but those same communities are home to only 9 percent of the nation’s doctors, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The Moscow-Pullman Daily New reports on a program run for the past 40 years by the University of Washington […]

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Thursday Roundup: Growing Up Healthy

A study from Finland finds that kids who grow up in rural areas are less likely to develop allergies. Here’s the study.  The authors find that declining biodiversity “may be a contributing factor to another global megatrend—the rapidly increasing prevalence of allergies and other chronic inflammatory diseases among urban populations worldwide.” Reduced contact with the […]

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Structural Cavities in Rural Dental Health

In 2000, the federal government issued the first-ever Surgeon General’s report on Oral Health, emphasizing disparities across the nation. It warned that dental disease in the U.S. constituted a “silent epidemic” with profound consequences for “affected populations.” In rural America, the “silent” epidemic is in fact strident. In February of this year, The Pew Center […]

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What Will Health Care Law Do To Rural Hospitals?

Rural hospitals depend on Medicare payments far more than rural hospitals, reports Steve Jordon at the Omaha World-Herald, and that gap will widen as rural populations age. As a result, Jordon writes, “rural hospital administrators and others worry that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, signed into law in March, will cut revenue and […]

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Tracing Obama Through the Pages of a Rural Iowa Newspaper

CARROLL, Iowa — History, this time around, started in Iowa. Before President Barack Obama could address a Washington, D.C., swelled with revelers and in-the-moment seekers, the pandemonium of the day, he faced much smaller crowds in Iowa, places with more ponderous settings. As a correspondent for my family’s newspaper, The Daily Times Herald, I saw […]