Click the map to make it interactive an explore county level popuulation data.

[imgcontainer][img:popmapchange20102013.jpg][source]U.S. Census/Daily Yonder[/source]Click the map to make it interactive an explore county-level popuulation data.[/imgcontainer]

If you’re looking for evidence of North Dakota’s oil and gas boom, take a look at the top 25 fastest-growing nonmetro counties in the United States in the list below.

The top six are in North Dakota. And the state has another four a little farther down the list, giving North Dakota a total of 10 counties in the top 25.

Above is an interactive map that displays population change from 2010 to 2013 as a percentage of population. Green counties gained; purple counties lost. (We had an incorrect version of this map up last week for a short time — this one should work much better.)

North Dakota is dominated by the dark green counties at the top, center of the nation.

Below is a list of nonmetro counties that gained the most population as expressed as percentage growth from 2010 to 2013.

At the top of the heap is McKenzie County, North Dakota, where the population surged 46% in recent years, to reach 9,300 residents in 2013.

The smallest county on the top 25 fastest growing is Loving County, Texas (No. 7), where just 13 new residents resulted in a climb of 16%.


Source: U.S. Census

And here’s a list of the 25 nonmetro counties that are losing residents the fastest as a percentage of population.

Nebraska had five spots on the top 25 “losers” list. But after that, the patterns get tougher to spot. The top losers tended to be located west of the Mississippi, but Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Michigan and North Carolina also had one county each on the list.


Source: U.S. Census

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