Time for a Breather

Hey there Keep It Rural crew, how’s your Tuesday shaking out?

You may have noticed that the Keep It Rural newsletter missed your inbox a few times in recent weeks. Everyone needs a periodic breather, and we’ve decided it’s high time we take ours — which is all to say that Keep It Rural is going on hiatus for a few weeks.

Nothing to be alarmed about, and this certainly isn’t the last you’ll hear from us. Keep It Rural is gonna take a little time to soak up the end of the summer sun, pick the last of the tomatoes, and maybe splash around in a lake (or two).

In the meantime, you can always find the latest rural news on the Daily Yonder homepage and, if your inbox is feeling a little too empty, in our portfolio of other excellent rural newsletters. Might as well go crazy and sign up for all of ’em if you haven’t already, that should keep you busy for a few weeks until we’re back at it.

Until then you know the drill: Keep It Rural.

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