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Larry Craig died over the weekend. Craig was the publisher of the Green River Republican in Morgantown, Kentucky — a former Baptist minister and a member of the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame. He was 61.

“He was widely respected by newspaper people across the state,” said David Thompson, executive director of the Kentucky Press Association. “He always fought for what he thought was right. He was one of the most colorful characters in KPA’s history.” 

• Black children are three times as likely to be poor as white children, according to the 2010 Census. That has spurred a new gathering of black leaders at a farm owned by writer Alex Haley outside of Knoxville.

The meeting is a reprise of a similar gathering two decades ago at Haley’s farm, when a group came together to talk about the high rates of young black children in poverty. (Haley (above), recall, is the author of Roots.) Two decades later, the numbers have not improved. 

• Too much video gaming “may cause or exacerbate depression, anxiety, social phobias and poor school performance,” according to a study. 

• The New York Times found an “easy one” — that is, an easy way to cut the federal budget.

In an editorial, the paper found “one big-ticket saving that all members of Congress should get behind: cutting the billions of dollars in farm subsidies that distort food prices, encourage overfarming and inflate the price of land.” 

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