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Rural counties witnessed a negligible decrease in infections last week. The number of rural infections last week totaled 101,208, down from 101,742 two weeks ago. That’s a drop of 0.5%. 

But metropolitan counties experienced a 7.6% drop in infection rates last week compared to two weeks ago. The number of metropolitan infections totaled 536,352 last week, down from 580,949 two weeks ago. 

The rate of new infections is probably higher because the CDC does not track the number of infections detected through home testing. 


A similar pattern emerged in Covid-19 related deaths last week. While rural counties saw a 0.4% drop in death rates, reporting 560 deaths last week, metropolitan counties saw an 8.5% drop compared to two weeks ago. Metropolitan America reported 2553 deaths last week. 

The gap between urban and rural cumulative death rates continues to widen. 

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