John McCain opposes subsidies for corn ethanol. Barack Obama supports them. The Minnesota Post notes that most of those who oppose corn ethanol (environmentalists) support Obama while those who benefit from ethanol (major farm groups) are more likely to support McCain. The Post’s Ron Way explains this contradiction.

Way notes that Illinois is the home of Archer Daniels Midland, which “amassed a fortune by selling corn, soybeans and wheat.” Way reports, “Downstate Illinois is about Archer Daniels, agriculture, corn and ethanol, so much so that even liberal Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, an Obama mentor, is among the vocal Congressional supporters of ethanol.” Obama also wanted to win Iowa — and Iowa is all about corn.

McCain voted against the 2008 farm bill and has long opposed ethanol subsidies. But then McCain didn’t win Iowa, remember. (Romney did.) Way wonders if that opposition will cost the Republican in the Plains states.

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