This is a movement we here at the Yonder can get behind: Eat more lobster!

There’s been a collapse in the price of lobster, driving the cost of the creature to where it “is sometimes as inexpensive as bologna,” according to the Boston Globe. Lobster is going for as low as $2 a pound at the dock, $5 each at some markets. So Mainers are rallying behind their state’s most famous product by eating more lobster in an effort to bolster prices. (Get recipes here.) They are selling lobsters in high school parking lots (7,000 went one Saturday in Boothbay Harbor, for five bucks each) and at special events at stores. In November one Maine supermarket chain sold more lobster than in any month but one this year. (Mainers don’t eat lobster in November normally.)

A jewelry store owner in Rockland left her home one morning and bought 100 lobsters in her own personal stimulus package. She raffled off 40 at her store and then gave away the rest to people passing by. “When we closed at 4 o’clock, I sat down and bawled,” Heidi Stevens said of lobstermen. “These are the people who keep my lights on. They come into the store for weddings, when their children are born, and for anniversaries.”

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