Today is the last day of our annual donor campaign. If you’ve been waiting to make your donation, this is your moment. Our matching challenges — which have made each dollar raised go two or three times further — end when the new year begins. 

We appreciate you bearing with us as we’ve hit you with a steady cadence of fundraising messages over the past two months. You’ve heard about matching grants from NewsMatch, the Loud Hound Partner Fund, and Dee Davis and Mimi Pickering, in honor of Joe and Helen Pickering. And you’ve helped us meet goals related to attracting new, first-time donors, and equaling or exceeding our donor totals from one year ago.

That last goal remains within our reach. Since November 1, we’ve raised approximately $45,000 from nearly 300 readers like you. Once matching funds are approved and accounted for, that number will increase considerably, with each dollar going back into the rural journalism we produce for you. 

This campaign is about much more than just the bottom line though. When you give, it’s a signal, that we’re making some progress, that our aim is true. It’s a reminder of the growing community caring for our rural people and places, the real people on the other side of our words, finding value in the work we do.

And it’s a point of proof, positioning us to say the Daily Yonder is an enterprise on the rise.

Can you help us stake that claim? With just 25 more donors, we will clear last year’s official tally of 316 donors

Don’t miss your chance to be counted among those who make our rural journalism possible.

If you haven’t yet made your gift, help us conclude this year’s campaign on a strong note

Thank you for your continuing support of our work, this year and beyond. We wouldn’t be here without you.


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The Daily Yonder is a project of the Center for Rural Strategies, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Gifts may be tax deductible; consult a tax adviser for more information. The Rural Assembly is also a project of the Center for Rural Strategies.

About NewsMatch
Contributions from individuals are eligible to be matched up to $1,000 per donor from November 1 to December 31, 2022, to a combined total of at least $15,000, through the NewsMatch national-matching program. The Daily Yonder has been selected to receive an additional $15,000 in matching funds from NewsMatch for its dedication to providing coverage of rural Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and highlighting issues that impact residents’ lives and support civic engagement. These matching funds run concurrently, which means every dollar we raise, up to $15,000, is matched twice. Monthly recurring donations are matched at the 12-month value of the donation, up to $1,000. For more details about eligibility see NewsMatch guidelines.

About the Joe and Helen Pickering Challenge
Joe and Helen Pickering, the father- and mother-in-law of publisher Dee Davis, were among the first donors to the Daily Yonder when it began publishing in 2007. Helen was a journalist and an activist. She edited the Stanford Daily when the boys were off at WWII. Later, she worked for reproductive rights and environmental protection. Joe was a WWII vet and a businessman who began the challenge to honor Helen when she passed away in 2017. Joe died in 2020. The Joe and Helen Pickering Challenge reflects their commitment to making things better, and Dee and his wife Mimi have kept it going in their memory.