Our parent organization here at the Daily Yonder, the Center for Rural Strategies, calls Eastern Kentucky home. Our international headquarters in Whitesburg narrowly dodged the severe flooding on Thursday, July 28. But many of our neighbors and allies were not so lucky.

As noted in our story on the response, these communities are not just home for us, they are also some of the most rural in the U.S. For both of these reasons, we are called to be of service in this moment and help out however we can. Given your interest in the Daily Yonder, we know your heart is with our rural family in Kentucky too.

If you’d like to join us in helping with flood recovery, please consider doing so using the resources below. We will keep this collection updated as the recovery continues.

If you have been directly affected by the flood or know anyone who has, a compilation of official state resources is available on the governor’s website.

Financial Donations

Sending money instead of donating goods and supplies is the best way to help people experiencing disasters. Anyone near or far can help the flood relief efforts by donating to these trusted organizations:

Cultural and community institutions are also in need of donations, both to rebuild and to continue service to their communities. These include:

Several communities have also set up mutual aid funds, which disperse funds directly to community members.

More Resources

If there are other verified resources that we should be aware of or groups in need of support, please share them using the form below. We will review submissions and consider adding them to this page.

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