Yes, it’s over. And we did win.

Not the election, silly. Well, that’s over, too. But we’re talking about  the Daily Yonder’s Fifth Anniversary Campaign. That’s what’s over, and it was a success thanks to all of you.

A month ago, we set a goal of raising $25,000 to help the Yonder over the next year. As of late yesterday afternoon (before the polls closed), we have raised $26,750, 123 different gifts.

From everyone here at the Yonder and the Center for Rural Strategies, we thank you. You are all generous and kind — and talented. Several splendid readers donated their skills at dancing, sports, horticultural history and more as premiums.

To celebrate, click on the slideshow at the top of this page and listen to The Daily Yonder theme song, written and performed by Tim Marema and Liz McGeachy. Their tune says it all.

Many gifts were given anonymously. But others allowed their names to be listed publicly. Here, with gratitude and pride, are our donors — old friends and new. (It’s not too late to add your name!)

Margaret Adie, Austin, TX
Angela Allen , Portland, OR
Dwight Allen, Madison, WI
Juliana Anastasoff, Chamisal, NM
Shel Anderson, Durham, NC
Anne Ardery, Louisville, KY
Maggie Ashmore, Bledsoe, KY
Pat Aufderheide, Garrett Park, MD
Tom Bennett, Murphy, NC
Tom Bethell, Washington, DC
Bill Bishop and Julie Ardery, Austin, TX
Richard Boone, Santa Barbara, CA
John Borden, Manhasset, NY
Robert Bowman, Gilbert, AZ
James Branscome, Montrose, CO
Todd Brantley, Durham, NC
Laurie Ezzel Brown, Canadian, TX
Allen Bush, Louisville, KY
Betsy Campbell, New York, NY
Edyael Casaperalta, Los Angeles, CA
Shelby Clark, Sandy Lake, PA
Matt and Whitney Coe, Maryville, TN
Joel Cohen, Chicago, IL
Teresa and Will Collins, Whitesburg, KY
John Connor, Sugar Grove, WV
Veronica Coons, Great Bend, KS
Ligia Cravo, Brooklyn, NY
Katharine Pearson Criss, Knoxville, TN
Elizabeth Cromwell
Ray Dafner, Washington, DC
David Dangler, Roslindale, MA
Dee Davis and Mimi Pickering, Whitesburg, KY
Mil Duncan, New Castle, NH
Ron Eller, Lexington, KY
Dianne Engleke, Millerton, NY
Tanya Fiddler, Eagle Butte, SD
Gilbert Friedell, Lexington, KY
Renee Fullerton
Stephen Gong, San Francisco, CA
Robert Gregory, Norris, TN
Francisco Guajardo, Edinburg, TX
Hobart Harmon, Timberville, VA
Chuck Hassebrook, Lyons, NE
Sally and Dave Hoekstra, Holland, MI
Amy Hogg, Berea, KY
Terry Holley, Knoxville, TN
Eva Horton, San Angelo, TX
Caitlin Howley, Charleston, WV
Janet Jacobs, Powell, TX
Starry Krueger
Marcel LaFlamme, Houston, TX
Dwight Langhum, Washington, DC
Larry Lee, Montgomery, AL
William Major, West Hartford, CT
Jack and Nancy Marema, Holland, MI
Tim  Marema and Liz McGeachy, Norris, TN
Heidi Marttila-Losure, Frederick, SD
Justin Maxson, Berea, KY
Pam Oldfield Meade, West Liberty, KY
Roger Merchant, Glenburn, ME
David Meyer, Chappaqua, NY
Carol Miller, Ojo Sarco, NM
Paula and Steve Miller, Chapel Hill, NC
Samuel Miller, Hopkinsville, KY
Sarah Moynihan, Brisbane, Australia
Jack Murrah, Monteagle, TN
Wayne and JoAnn Myers, Waldoboro, ME
Jill Nokes, Austin, TX
Gurney Norman, Lexington, KY
Tony Oppegard, Lexington, KY
Richard Oswald, Langdon, MO
Judy Owens, Lexington, KY
Paul Paladino, Montrose, CO
Jane Patterson
Peter Pearce, Madison, CT
Kim Phinney, Westford, VT
Jonathan Piercy and Tamara Sapp, Hazard, KY
Rachel Pohl, Beverly, MA
Len Press, Lexington, KY
Lisa Pruitt, Davis, CA
Douglas Richardson
Niel Ritchie, Minneapolis, MN
John Rosenberg
Sandy Rosenblith, Chevy Chase, MD
Stuart Rosenfeld, Chapel Hill, NC
(Raleigh) RR and L J Ross, Utopia, TX
Susan Roth, Trimble, OH
Elizabeth Russell, Asheville, NC
Elizabeth Sanders, Whitesburg, KY
Chere Secrist, Sonoma, CA
Jim Sessions and Fran Ansley, Knoxville, TN
Jill Sherman, Hanmer, Ontario, Canada
Shirley Sneve, Lincoln, NE
Karl and Hollis Stauber, Danville, VA
Nancy Straw, Fergus Falls, MN
Sharon Strover, Austin, TX
Wallace Stuart
Drew Sykes, Knickerbocker, TX
Tracy Thompson, Bowie, MD
Janet Topolsky, Washington, DC
Jack Trawick, Louisville, KY
Kate Tweedy, Centennial, CO
Marilyn Vache, Austin, TX
Bruce and Hylie Voss
James Webster, Arlington, VA
Jenny Williams, Hazard, KY

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