Don Imus has the big hat, now he has an RFD address ““ RFD-TV, that is. The radio show host who left MSNBC after making disparaging remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, will start a show on RFD-TV December 3.

We always thought Imus’ show was pretty urban, despite the cattle ranch accoutrements. There was Howard Fineman from Newsweek and Frank Rich from the New York Times. The editor of the New York Times Book Review looks forward to joining Imus . And Imus still spends most of his time on Central Park West in NYC.

This will be good for RFD-TV, which is shown almost exclusively on satellite. “If urban-based cable doesn’t carry us with “˜Imus in the Morning’ and “˜Imus in the Evening,’ they never will,” said RFD’s owner.

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