In 2022, the Daily Yonder introduced a new feature, “Illustrating the News” by rural Washington-based Graphic Journalist Nhatt Nichols. It’s been a treat working with Nhatt to break down complex issues and bring them to new audiences using the medium of comic strip storytelling. For her latest illustrated offering, Nhatt explains why she’s thankful for the Daily Yonder and why we’re thankful to our readers for helping make these new projects possible.

Check out Nhatt’s story below, and if you enjoy this work, we hope you’ll make a donation to support our increasingly eclectic crew of rural writers, illustrators, and storytellers.

Comic panel shows a remote shed and a cat and reads: Somedays, I find myself sitting in the shed that I use as a studio, and I'm struck by the fact that I've created my dream job, and as of this fall, it is my sole occupation.
Comic panel shows author saying: The Daily Yonder deserves a lot of credit for that; they were the first publication to take a chance on me and become an outlier in journalism for incorporating comics into their reporting. They've continued to mentor and support me, and I've grown as a comics creator and a journalist through working with them.
Comic panel shows author holding her dog and saying: Through my work with the Daily Yonder, I've broken down complex ideas and made them accessible to people who might generally find reading about the Child Tax Credit or municipal canning facilities uninteresting.
Comic panel shows artist at drawing table and reads: Bringing these stories into the world is as important for aspiring cartoonists as it is for readers. Every story I publish shows what's possible to do with graphic journalism, that it's a viable form of storytelling, and that artists like me are worth taking a risk on.
Comic panel shows author walking her dog and saying: Over the last year, I've been amazed to see where my comics end up through the Daily Yonder's generous republishing policy and who they resonate with. I've had everyone from homesteaders in the Midwest to folk living in Southern Georgia reach out to me to say how much they love my stories.
Comic panel shows another dog and reads: I describe the Daily Yonder to friends as being consistently surprising and thought-provoking. Even though I live down a dirt road in the middle of the woods, if someone told me a nonprofit news source specifically addressed rural issues, I would assume it isn't for me because I don't work in agriculture.
Comic panel shows author saying: But it is for me. I open every one of these newsletters because there is always something I want to know more about. I am consistently forwarding the articles that appear here to my friends, and I'm guessing you probably do the same.
Comic panel shows the author and her dog at the shed and reads: If you plan to enjoy more of my comics in the coming year, I'd like to ask you to consider donating to the Daily Yonder. The kind of thought-provoking journalism they provide is expensive to produce, and your support allows them to help more artists and writers like me live their dreams.

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