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The U.S. Senate today passed a $289 billion farm bill by a wide majority — 81 to 15. Yesterday, one hundred Republicans in the House of Representatives joined the Democrat majority in supporting a five-year, $307 billion farm bill.

President Bush has said he would veto the legislation, but these margins would override any future veto.

According to Market Watch, “Bush has criticized crop subsidies in the bill, as well as proposed income limits for farmers that would allow individuals with farm income of up to $750,000, or married couples with farm income of up to $1.5 million, to receive direct payments. The president has proposed lowering the cap to $200,000.”

The farm bill includes, among a zillion provisions, “$170 million in relief for the salmon crisis on the West Coast,” water for desert lakes in Nevada, and support for rural low-income housing.

“Although the legislation is universally known as the farm bill, it actually directs far more money to feeding the poor than it does to helping farmers — about $209 billion for nutrition programs like food stamps, according to the Congressional Budget Office.”  

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