hydrogen fuel supplement

The State of Hawaii is in the midst of a major research project to test and use hydrogen power. But it doesn’t take a state initiative, or even a village, to boost your gas mileage with hydrogen. All you need is Tim Bope.

Bope, who lives on the outskirts of tiny Tyner, Indiana, has been installing supplemental hydrogen-fuel devices in his friends’ cars and his own vehicles for three years. After reading up on the subject, he “began making units that split ordinary tap water to make the hydrogen useable” to boost gas power.

After he put a device on his wife’s Nissan Altima, her mileage nearly doubled, from 25 to 44 mpg. He says once a unit’s installed on his motorcyle, he expects to get 100 miles per gallon.

Bope hasn’t advertised and doesn’t, apparently, need to. He builds his hydrogen fuel supplement kits at home and installs about five of them each week.

“We’re too smart in this country to not be doing something””¨ about the energy crisis, he told Carol Anders, of the Pilot News.

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