Jerry Guenther at the Norfolk (Nebraska) Daily News reminds us why people enjoy living in rural communities with his story, “Volunteers Help Local Red Cross Chapter Earn Honor.” Guenther tells us that the local Red Cross in the northeast part of the state continues to lead the region in the way it carries out its work.

“Ask just about anyone living in Northeast Nebraska what they enjoy about living here and the willingness of people to help each other would rate high,” Guenther writes. The local chapter only has two employees, but it’s been so successful that the national Red Cross organization has been asking those in Norfolk for their secret sauce.

“What I shared with them is that in Northeast Nebraska, neighbor helps neighbor,” said executive director Lori Carollo. (See photo above of fire in January.) “If there’s a fire, the whole block is out (helping). It’s neighbor helping neighbor, providing food and organizing a benefit.”

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