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So which is it? Does Monsanto corn cause organ damage (in rats, at least)? Or does Monsanto soybeans “promise heart benefits”? Both could be true, of course. Corn is corn and beans are beans. But this is an interesting battle going on for the minds of consumers. Are genetically modified foods going to kill you, or allow you to live forever?

Monsanto’s new soybeans are designed to produce large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in humans. These are good for the heart and the brain. Most people get their omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. The new Monsanto beans (according to Monsanto) would allow consumers to get their omega-3 from the products that normally contain soy beans, such as salad dressing or granola bars. The federal Food and Drug Administration has given approval to the Monsanto bean and the company expects it to be on the market in the next couple of years. 

Meanwhile, however, three French scientists have published a report in the International Journal of Biological Sciences finding that Monsanto GM corn causes organ damage in rats. The effects were concentrated in rat kidney and liver functions, according to the report. Monsanto said the study was faulty. 

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