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This is sad: Michigan canceled its state fair.

The fair has been held for 160 years until budget worries ended state subsidies for the even this year. The fair has had declining attendance — down to 220,000 last year from over 1 million in 1966. The fair, above, in its better days

One criticism is that the Michigan fair failed to become a tourist attraction. That is, too many hay exhibits and not enough whiz-bang. The Iowa fair had nearly a million visitors this year, partly because it featured stars like Keith Urban and Sheryl Crow. Michigan last year had Starship, Survivor and Billy Squier. The press account described the first two acts as “aging rockers.” 

•Deere is getting out of the wind business, selling its 36 wind farm projects to Exelon Corp. Exelon owns ComEd in Illinois and PECO in Pennsylvania, and is better known as a nuclear power generator. There is some speculation this is the beginning of consolidation of the power business. 

• There is no coal dug in Lexington, Kentucky, but in a nonpartisan race for mayor there one candidate is saying his opponent is “associated” with those who aren’t friendly with the black mineral. Candidate Jim Gray says Mayor Jim Newberry’s fundraising letter is a “smear.”

Newberry’s letter says Lexington is a regional hub for the coal business and that Gray “has been associated with individuals that have opposed the efforts of the coal and energy industry.”

We’ve noted before that the energy industry is making this coming election one that draws a line between “friends of coal” and those who aren’t. Here is another example. 

• DTN’s Chris Clayton is asking battling cattle groups NCBA and R-CALF to settle down.

The two are groups are battling over proposed changes to the Packers and Stockyards Act, among other things. Chris has the lowdown here

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